Report W/E 8th March


Gazette Trophy

Handicap Albany B +30 v Kingfisher B
After the levels, Kingfisher had gained 48 points winning 9 games and in the mixed 65 points winning 11. This meant Kingfisher won by 113 points less 30 handicap to give a winning margin of 83 points. In games Kingfisher won 20-4. For Kingfisher Sarah Woodhouse, Lynne Williams, Rachel Dewhurst and Gordon Jackson all won 7 but Sarah and Lynne has the best points difference. Fran Hellier,Amit Mistry and Rob Cockerill won 2 games whilst Amit and Paul Cross had the best points.
Kingfisher play Fleetwood A next!

Handicap Pilling A + 60 v Poulton
Poulton made up the 60 point handicap by the end of the levels and then won the mixed and the match by 58 points and by 20 games to 4. Michael Banks won 3 games for Pilling and had the best points with Alex Fleming and Elaine Danson. Nikki Wilford won 8 with +58 points and Dawn Whitby won 8 with +54 for the Poulton.
Poulton next play the B team from Pilling.

Handicap Lids A + 25 v Albany A
5th played 4th in a tight cup match where 9 sets were split! Albany gained 10 points in the levels but in the mixed Lids played very well and managed to contain Albany, losing by only 1 point. Albany won the match initially by 11 points but lost by 14 after the handicap. Sam Ames and Will Booth won 5 games and most points for Lids whilst Jenny Stothard, Sian Meakin and Rob Oakes won more than half their games and more points than they conceded. Special mention to Paul Cross who was a last minute reserve for Albany and managed to win 3 games.
Next up is Lids A v Lids B !!

Bridgewood Trophy

Handicap Kingfisher C +180 v Stanley A
Stanley A had a big handicap to overcome but only managed to gain 11 points in the ladies as Kingfisher made them fight for every point. In the men's Stanley gained 40 points meaning they had only pulled back 51 points at the half way stage. The mixed was more reflective of the team's league position as Stanley gained 89 points for a total points win of 140 but 40 points short of the handicap. Dorothy Bamber was the star for Kingfisher not for only winning 3 games but having the best points score. Only Wendy Rutter managed to win 8 for Stanley in their 20 games but despite losing 1 game Lee Meakin had the best points score of +75.
Kingfisher through to meet Kirkham Charter B.

Handicap Fleetwood B v Lids C + 100
Their ladies gave Lids a great start as they actually gained 8 points. However Fleetwood's strong men won by 61 points to put Fleetwood up by 53 points and on track at the start of the mixed. A great team effort saw Lids only lose the mixed by 20 points meaning that they had restricted Fleetwood to a 73 point margin putting them through to the next round by 27 points. For Lids Ceri Smith-Jayne won 4 games and a +8 point score whilst Nean Pilkington won 3 and a +18 point score. Despite being on the losing team Nick Metcalfe won 8 games with an impressive +78 points.
Lids travel to Division 3 Champions Hesketh B next.