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Report Week Ending 14/9/18


Division 1
Last years runners up Kingfisher come away with an emphatic 20-4 win against Pilling. Both Adrian Greenwood and Jonathan Mosley won all 8 games whilst Elaine Danson won 3 for the losing team.
Newly promoted Albany B had a tough start as they were whitewashed 24-0 by their A team. Team Captain Jenny Stothard was statistically the best player on the night.
Match of the week was undoubtedly Poulton Le Fylde 13 v Lidunians 11
with the away team at least gaining a consolation point.
Unusually the best player on the night was from the losing team with a great effort from Sam Ames who won 7 games.

In Division 3
Ribby Hall A didn't have it all their own way against their B team winning 17-7.Emma Gilfoyle and Ian Wormesly both won 7 for the A whilst John Wright won 5 for the B.
Relegated from last season Kirkham Charter A made a strong start to the season beating their B team 21-3 however this was a much closer match than the scoreline suggests.Julia Somerside and Emma Gilfoyle won their 8 games whilst Richard Passcucci won 2 for the B.
Last seasons mid table teams Stanley and Hesketh was expected to be a close match.However Hesketh came away with a resounding 21-3 win.
Steve Blackburn and Andy Manson winning all 8 games and Gill Brook and Julie Burrows managing 2 each for the losers.

All the results,fixtures and tables are on the website.


Blackpool and District Presentation Evening


Pilling host Blackpools End of Season Presentation Evening.

Friday 4th May at North Shore Golf Club 7.30pm

Featuring Daniel Sings

£15 per person with payment to BDBA via BACS.

Presentation of all league, cup and tournament trophies.

All ticket requests to Audrey Connolly by the 4th April.


Town Team Results


North West Badminton Championship

Blackpool entered their first team into this league this year. A strong last performance resulted in the team finishing 2nd with 23 rubbers won.

League Table

Preston - 33
Blackpool - 23
Southport - 21
Liverpool - 13

Lancashire Interleague

The second team represented Blackpool in the Lancashire Interleague in divison 2, one division higher than last year. With a very solid 5 points from 4 games they finished middle of the table in 3rd position.

League Table

Mid Lancs 2 - 12
Bolton 2 - 6
Blackpool - 5
Southport 3 - 4
Mid Lancs 3 - 3


Presentation Evening


The end of season presentation evening for the league, cup and tournament winners will be Friday 12th May at 7.30pm at Fylde Rugby Club. It is a hot pot (or veggie option) and apple pie with entertainment from Daniel Sings. Please follow the link to see the event poster. End of Season Poster


Miller Roskell Sponsorship


The new league sponsor, Miller Roskell, is a Thornton accountancy practice, which since 2003 has offered general accountancy services, business development assistance and specialist tax services to a broad range of business and personal customers. Blackpool and District Badminton is delighted to have Miller Roskell's support this year.


Town Team 2 vs Mid Lancs 3 Match Report


In the days and weeks before this match, Captain Amit had stressed the importance of getting a result in this game (easy for him to say 🤓).
Onto the singles, Sian volunteered to do the ladies and played well to win in straight sets (we were watching you Sian, honest!) In the men's, Gee unfortunately lost in 3 close games which could have gone either way and Anthony put up a good effort and enjoyed sliding around like Rafa Nadal on a clay court but had a tough task and lost in straight sets.
So 2-1 down and onto the levels. In the men's, disappointment all round as both men's pairs lost tight games and just couldn't quite get over the line. I'm going to blame Dan in our men's as his shirt was inside-out for the first two games with his label sticking out and it was incredibly distracting.
The ladies picked up ALL four of their games to keep us in touch. Most of the games were comfortable (certainly from the scoresheet). Only Lucy and Hannah were taken to 3, but they managed to come through it. If anyone's counting, it is Blackpool ladies 5 - 0 Blackpool men's so far! (I had to mention that or Natalie would only highlight it for everyone later!)
So, 6-5 down currently. Thankfully, all men were now playing with a lady in the mixed to knock some sense into us. And it worked! Four wins from four. All the games were straight games apart from Lawerence's mixed but I had a feeling he was showing off and just wanted to toy with the opposition. 😜 So an incredible turn around with the match finishing 9-6, and a huge well done to all!
Player of the match goes to ... (I'm going to be biased) and give it to Lucy as she managed to get me from the, "I'm going to retire from badminton" attitude (after the men's) to ALMOST enjoying it after the mixed. 😳 Dick of the day (2nd time in a row) goes to El Capitan Amit for being hungover and smelling like the undead.
Cheers, Rob Oakes
Team: Sian Meakin, Natalie Appleyard, Hannah Settle, Lucy Currie, Gee Him Sue, Anthony Forest, Lawerence Smith, Dan Nixon, Rob Oakes
Supporters: Amit, Cockers and that traitor Lee Williams.


2016/17 Season Registration


Registration is now open until 31/7/16, if you have not received the registration document please contact Rob Cockerill


The Half Way Story 2015/16 - Division 1


Fleetwood A

The early season fixtures list played against Fleetwood A, so their customary position at the top of the league was temporarily held by other teams. Not that Fleetwood were in any way below par; they started the season determined to make it 20 consecutive championships and the return of an “old hand” and the recruitment of an ex-Lidunian strengthened their position. They have been relentless, scoring an average 21 games per match and at mid-way sit top of the pile again.

Pilling A
After a fourth place finish last year, Pilling A wouldn’t necessarily had been a good bet for second place, but at mid-season that’s where they sit, just four points behind Fleetwood A. Starting the season with an inauspicious draw against Pilling B, they have since only lost once, to Fleetwood A, and have beaten their two main rivals for second place pretty comfortably.

Poulton le Fylde A
Disappointed? Probably! Having finished second last season Poulton le Fylde A’s ambitions must have been for another second place, at least, this year. However, with two defeats, to Fleetwood (expected) and Pilling A (not), they’ll have to pull their socks up to meet expectations.

Kingfisher A
At fourth, a place higher than last year’s finish (maybe because Lidunians A pulled out?) Kingfisher A are playing consistently and have won more games than the second and third placed teams. Can they turn game superiority into points with the bigger teams?

Albany A
With a couple of differences in their line-up, Albany A looked stronger on paper and are in a much better position than at midway last season. Even so, they don’t look as sharp as they should be. The draw at Kingfisher B shouldn’t have been a total surprise but being top of the league for more than a week certainly was!

Kingfisher B
One of the teams due for relegation at the end of last season, Kingfisher B stayed put because of league restructuring. They are doing pretty well with wins over teams below them and a draw with a team above. With the wind behind them in the second half they should be around the same position at the end.

Pilling B
Pilling B also stayed in this division as a result of the league restructure and, it seems, they are barely coping with the pace. But for the unexpected draw against their own A team, Pilling B could be in the relegation places now. They are in the relegation dogfight for sure!

Hesketh A
Very sadly a man down from last year, Hesketh A have steeled themselves for what was always going to be a tough time. A repeat of the one win (against higher placed Kingfisher B) and one draw statistics from the first half of the season will not be enough for them to avoid the drop, so they need to come out fighting even harder in the second half.

BAE Systems A
Won last year’s Division two by a country mile, but then were forced to accept personnel changes which were hard to swallow. Their one win, against Hesketh A, was possibly as much as could be expected in the circumstances; it seems impossible at this stage that their scoring rate could improve, but who knows....


The Half Way Story 2015/16 - Division 2


Albany B
With several team changes Albany B might have been expected to struggle, but not so and they sit top of the pile at halfway. A draw against Fleetwood B and defeat in the first derby match with Lidunians are the only dropped points so far. The defeat against Lids was telling as without illness in the Lids camp, Albany might not have got a point.

Lidunians A
Lidunians A were defeated twice in the first half defeats, in each case by a team they'd be expected to beat and yet thrashed the league leaders! Rumour has it that Lids are determined to be promoted as champions this year and so will be at full strength through the second half of the season. If the win against table topping Albany B is anything to go by, look out the rest!

Fleetwood B
After starting the season with three draws, Fleetwood B's only loss of points was defeat at Lidunians A, a creditable performance from this team. With a more balanced side, Fleetwood might fancy a top two place, but as things are, they would need one of the top two to slip up. Worth an outside bet.

Albany C
With a mix of players from last year's B and C teams and some new blood, Albany C could be viewed as boxing above their weight. Fourth place may flatter a little, but they are fighters and should be certain of a mid-table finish. However, the finish line is a long way off and the hurdles will seem higher in the second half of the season.
Poulton le Fylde B
Poulton le Fylde B's highlight was the first match home win over Lidunians A, since when their season has been a real mixed bag of results. They have however had at least one point from every match. Greater consistency could see this team gain a place or two by season end.

BAE Systems B
Promoted as last season's Div 3 champs, the early season saw BAE Systems B flying high in Division 2. Though form appears to have dipped, this is another team to have taken at least a point from every match to date. The return match against Poulton le Fylde B was played very early and has been discounted for the purpose of a mid-season view. That match was won by BAE, so the first win of the second half of the season is already in the bag.

Stanley A
Stanley A ended last season in a relegation spot, but were reprieved by the league restructure. Their form this season has been very different; they've taken points from all of their matches and the defeats have mostly been close affairs. Injury to a lady may have lessened their chances, but they will fight all the way. Note that one game from the home match against Albany C is yet to be played; if Stanley win that game, they gain another L8 point.

Hesketh B
The Hesketh B side has years of experience to call on, but the pace of Div 2 games can be pretty hot and difficult to match. A draw with Poulton le Fylde B and an unexpected (apologies!) win over Lidunians A, together with three L8 points just about keeps them in touch with the teams above and at distance from the bottom club, but it's looking very hard from here on in!

Kirkham Charter A
This season has been tough on Kirkham Charter A, with enforced team changes and the strength in depth in the division as a whole. Only defeats so far, but five consolation points gained. The rest of the season looks no different, but this team gives everything and seems to enjoy the matches regardless.


The Half Way Story 2015/16 - Division 3


Pilling C
With a perfect score, Pilling C are the form team. They haven’t usually let their opponents get close in a match, but showed they can “tough it out” when the close match came against Lidunians B. With a marginally higher games per match rate than Lidunians B, Pilling C should hold on to their advantage; the return match between the current top two will be worth watching.

Lidunians B
Beaten only once, and by the closest of margins, Lidunans B still have title ambitions. Early season fixtures were few and far between so it took time for them to show at the top of the division. Perhaps unlucky to lose to Pilling C, they have the bit firmly between their teeth and the will to win all remaining fixtures, in which they will have home advantage over Pilling C. The young additions to the team this year have learned quickly and have the energy to last the season where others might flag.

Ribby Hall A
Being beaten by the top two teams and drawing to a team below them hasn’t helped Ribby Hall A’s chances of a top two finish. There’s plenty of experience in the team and they are close enough to second place to fight for it, but there’s no room for error with another team on the same points total.

Kirkham Charter B
Another team that has taken points from every match, but defeats by the three teams above them might be telling at the end of the season. However, the return fixtures give the opportunity to avenge the defeats, so a top two finish is still possible. A solid start to the second half is essential to provide the springboard.

Kingfisher C
A draw (against Ribby Hall A) is the difference between Kingfisher C and the two teams below them, and, their games won is less than the team below. Though they defeated both Hesketh C and Stanley B, the score against Stanley was too close for comfort. There can be no slacking or the team will find itself further down the order at end of season.

Ribby Hall B
After an early season drubbing by their own A team, Ribby Hall B in turn thrashed Stanley B and then waited nearly a month for their next match. Plenty of time to get in some practice? ………….. No, for they lost the next 4 matches on the bounce (but got the L8 point from three of them). Could a solid win against Kingfisher C just before Christmas mean a return to form?

Hesketh C
Hesketh C’s two wins were against the teams either side of them, and they have taken two L8 points from mid-table Kirkham Charter B and Kingfisher C. Hesketh C’s games per match statistic doesn’t suggest that they can achieve much more this season. That’s a challenge team!

Stanley B
It’s the taking part that matters and Stanley B are in there, giving their best, having fun and gaining experience. Oddly, they have scored more games in matches against mid-table opposition. If they can play as well against the teams immediately above then, they might climb a rung or two in the second half.