Week 3 Report


Division 1

Game of the week saw Kingfisher's men and Poulton's ladies win 6 each to tie them going into the mixed. The next 4 games were split for an 8-8 scoreline but Kingfisher then raced ahead by winning the next 4. Poulton then took 2 to make it 12-10 to Kingfisher.In the final mixed Poulton's Nikki Wilford and Ant Forrest won the first game however Linda Franks and Chris Foote replied 22-20 for a 13-11 win! Chris and Luke Bennet won 7 for Kingfisher whilst Michelle Skinner won 7 for Poulton.
Fleetwood started their defence of the title with a comfortable win 21-3 over Albany B.Caroline Andrew and Cath Baguley with 8 for the champions with Fran Hellier and Amit Mistry winning 2 mixed.
Albany ladies won all 6 against Lids to give them a strong lead of 9-3.Albany then won the mixed 10-2 for an impressive 19-5 win.Natalie Appleyard and Jenny Stothard won all 8 games.

Division 2

Project 12 and Stanley had a tough match with some very close games.
Stanley's women won 5 whilst Project's men replied with 5 themselves and with the next 3 sets all being split the score moved to 9-9.However the last 3 sets all went to Project for a 15-9 victory.Mark Pickles with 7 for the winners and Lynsey Rees 5 for Stanley.
Kingfisher beat Fleetwood 19-5 after their ladies won all 6 and the men's were all split.Kingfisher forged ahead winning 10 games in the mixed. Lynn Williams and Julie Sleighthorne with all 8 for the home team.Ant Cross and Nick Metcalfe managed 3 games for Fleetwood.
Hesketh demolished Lids 24-0 to send both teams to the opposite parts of the table. Nicky Johnson was statistically the best player on the night.