Town Team 2 vs Mid Lancs 3 Match Report


In the days and weeks before this match, Captain Amit had stressed the importance of getting a result in this game (easy for him to say 🤓).
Onto the singles, Sian volunteered to do the ladies and played well to win in straight sets (we were watching you Sian, honest!) In the men's, Gee unfortunately lost in 3 close games which could have gone either way and Anthony put up a good effort and enjoyed sliding around like Rafa Nadal on a clay court but had a tough task and lost in straight sets.
So 2-1 down and onto the levels. In the men's, disappointment all round as both men's pairs lost tight games and just couldn't quite get over the line. I'm going to blame Dan in our men's as his shirt was inside-out for the first two games with his label sticking out and it was incredibly distracting.
The ladies picked up ALL four of their games to keep us in touch. Most of the games were comfortable (certainly from the scoresheet). Only Lucy and Hannah were taken to 3, but they managed to come through it. If anyone's counting, it is Blackpool ladies 5 - 0 Blackpool men's so far! (I had to mention that or Natalie would only highlight it for everyone later!)
So, 6-5 down currently. Thankfully, all men were now playing with a lady in the mixed to knock some sense into us. And it worked! Four wins from four. All the games were straight games apart from Lawerence's mixed but I had a feeling he was showing off and just wanted to toy with the opposition. 😜 So an incredible turn around with the match finishing 9-6, and a huge well done to all!
Player of the match goes to ... (I'm going to be biased) and give it to Lucy as she managed to get me from the, "I'm going to retire from badminton" attitude (after the men's) to ALMOST enjoying it after the mixed. 😳 Dick of the day (2nd time in a row) goes to El Capitan Amit for being hungover and smelling like the undead.
Cheers, Rob Oakes
Team: Sian Meakin, Natalie Appleyard, Hannah Settle, Lucy Currie, Gee Him Sue, Anthony Forest, Lawerence Smith, Dan Nixon, Rob Oakes
Supporters: Amit, Cockers and that traitor Lee Williams.