The Half Way Story 2015/16 - Division 3


Pilling C
With a perfect score, Pilling C are the form team. They haven’t usually let their opponents get close in a match, but showed they can “tough it out” when the close match came against Lidunians B. With a marginally higher games per match rate than Lidunians B, Pilling C should hold on to their advantage; the return match between the current top two will be worth watching.

Lidunians B
Beaten only once, and by the closest of margins, Lidunans B still have title ambitions. Early season fixtures were few and far between so it took time for them to show at the top of the division. Perhaps unlucky to lose to Pilling C, they have the bit firmly between their teeth and the will to win all remaining fixtures, in which they will have home advantage over Pilling C. The young additions to the team this year have learned quickly and have the energy to last the season where others might flag.

Ribby Hall A
Being beaten by the top two teams and drawing to a team below them hasn’t helped Ribby Hall A’s chances of a top two finish. There’s plenty of experience in the team and they are close enough to second place to fight for it, but there’s no room for error with another team on the same points total.

Kirkham Charter B
Another team that has taken points from every match, but defeats by the three teams above them might be telling at the end of the season. However, the return fixtures give the opportunity to avenge the defeats, so a top two finish is still possible. A solid start to the second half is essential to provide the springboard.

Kingfisher C
A draw (against Ribby Hall A) is the difference between Kingfisher C and the two teams below them, and, their games won is less than the team below. Though they defeated both Hesketh C and Stanley B, the score against Stanley was too close for comfort. There can be no slacking or the team will find itself further down the order at end of season.

Ribby Hall B
After an early season drubbing by their own A team, Ribby Hall B in turn thrashed Stanley B and then waited nearly a month for their next match. Plenty of time to get in some practice? ………….. No, for they lost the next 4 matches on the bounce (but got the L8 point from three of them). Could a solid win against Kingfisher C just before Christmas mean a return to form?

Hesketh C
Hesketh C’s two wins were against the teams either side of them, and they have taken two L8 points from mid-table Kirkham Charter B and Kingfisher C. Hesketh C’s games per match statistic doesn’t suggest that they can achieve much more this season. That’s a challenge team!

Stanley B
It’s the taking part that matters and Stanley B are in there, giving their best, having fun and gaining experience. Oddly, they have scored more games in matches against mid-table opposition. If they can play as well against the teams immediately above then, they might climb a rung or two in the second half.