The Half Way Story 2015/16 - Division 2


Albany B
With several team changes Albany B might have been expected to struggle, but not so and they sit top of the pile at halfway. A draw against Fleetwood B and defeat in the first derby match with Lidunians are the only dropped points so far. The defeat against Lids was telling as without illness in the Lids camp, Albany might not have got a point.

Lidunians A
Lidunians A were defeated twice in the first half defeats, in each case by a team they'd be expected to beat and yet thrashed the league leaders! Rumour has it that Lids are determined to be promoted as champions this year and so will be at full strength through the second half of the season. If the win against table topping Albany B is anything to go by, look out the rest!

Fleetwood B
After starting the season with three draws, Fleetwood B's only loss of points was defeat at Lidunians A, a creditable performance from this team. With a more balanced side, Fleetwood might fancy a top two place, but as things are, they would need one of the top two to slip up. Worth an outside bet.

Albany C
With a mix of players from last year's B and C teams and some new blood, Albany C could be viewed as boxing above their weight. Fourth place may flatter a little, but they are fighters and should be certain of a mid-table finish. However, the finish line is a long way off and the hurdles will seem higher in the second half of the season.
Poulton le Fylde B
Poulton le Fylde B's highlight was the first match home win over Lidunians A, since when their season has been a real mixed bag of results. They have however had at least one point from every match. Greater consistency could see this team gain a place or two by season end.

BAE Systems B
Promoted as last season's Div 3 champs, the early season saw BAE Systems B flying high in Division 2. Though form appears to have dipped, this is another team to have taken at least a point from every match to date. The return match against Poulton le Fylde B was played very early and has been discounted for the purpose of a mid-season view. That match was won by BAE, so the first win of the second half of the season is already in the bag.

Stanley A
Stanley A ended last season in a relegation spot, but were reprieved by the league restructure. Their form this season has been very different; they've taken points from all of their matches and the defeats have mostly been close affairs. Injury to a lady may have lessened their chances, but they will fight all the way. Note that one game from the home match against Albany C is yet to be played; if Stanley win that game, they gain another L8 point.

Hesketh B
The Hesketh B side has years of experience to call on, but the pace of Div 2 games can be pretty hot and difficult to match. A draw with Poulton le Fylde B and an unexpected (apologies!) win over Lidunians A, together with three L8 points just about keeps them in touch with the teams above and at distance from the bottom club, but it's looking very hard from here on in!

Kirkham Charter A
This season has been tough on Kirkham Charter A, with enforced team changes and the strength in depth in the division as a whole. Only defeats so far, but five consolation points gained. The rest of the season looks no different, but this team gives everything and seems to enjoy the matches regardless.