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Lidunians A (Mixed 2) - 2023/2024

06/12/2023 (19:30) (Wed)Kirkham Charter BHLytham YMCA Map
18/01/2024 (19:30) (Thu)Hesketh-Fleetwood CABlackpool & Fylde College (Thurs) Bispham Parish (Weds) Map
31/01/2024 (19:30) (Wed)Stanley CHLytham YMCA Map
07/02/2024 (19:30) (Wed)Stanley BHLytham YMCA Map
19/02/2024 (19:00) (Mon)Kirkham Charter AAKirkham Grammar School Map
28/02/2024 (20:00) (Wed)Project 12AOver Wyre Sports Centre Map
04/03/2024 (19:00) (Mon)Kirkham Charter BAKirkham Grammar School Map
20/03/2024 (19:30) (Wed)Poulton-le-Fylde BHLytham YMCA Map

Lidunians Levels A (Levels) - 2023/2024

13/12/2023 (19:30) (Wed)Hesketh-Fleetwood Levels AHLytham YMCA Map
24/01/2024 (19:30) (Wed)Bloomfield Levels BHLytham YMCA Map
01/02/2024 (19:00) (Thu)Kirkham Charter LevelsAKirkham Grammar School Map
15/02/2024 (19:30) (Thu)Hesketh-Fleetwood Levels AABlackpool & Fylde College (Thurs) Bispham Parish (Weds) Map
21/02/2024 (19:30) (Wed)Lightning Levels BHLytham YMCA Map
06/03/2024 (19:30) (Wed)Bloomfield Levels AHLytham YMCA Map
13/03/2024 (19:30) (Wed)Lightning Levels AHLytham YMCA Map


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