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Lidunians B (Mixed 2) - 2018/2019

19/09/2018Lidunians CH18 - 6W
03/10/2018Pilling BH18 - 6W
08/10/2018Kingfisher BA10 - 14L8
17/10/2018Stanley AH14 - 10W
24/10/2018Hesketh AH10 - 14L8
14/11/2018Fleetwood BH18 - 6W
21/11/2018Project 12H10 - 14L8
05/12/2018Lidunians CA19 - 5W
07/01/2019Pilling BA12 - 12D
23/01/2019Kingfisher BH9 - 15L8
01/02/2019Hesketh AA12 - 12D
06/02/2019Project 12A18 - 6W
14/02/2019Fleetwood BA12 - 12D
20/02/2019Stanley AA16 - 8W


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