Bridgewood Trophy

Bridgewood Trophy - 2012/2013

Displaying handicaps and knock-outs for the Bridgewood Trophy for the 2012/2013 season. Use the Parameters below to select a different season.

Bridgewood Cup draw:

Preliminary Round
(To Be Played W/C 4th February)
P1 Kirkham Charter D v Kirkham Charter A (10-8)
P2 Stanley A v Hesketh B (7-11)
P3 Hesketh C v Stanley C (12-6)
P4 BAE Systems C v Stanley B (17-1)
P5 Albany C v Commonwealth B (11-7)
P6 Poulton Le Fylde B v Sacred Heart A (5-13)

1st Round
(To Be Played W/C 4th February or 11th February)
1 Kirkham Charter D v Lidunians C (8-10)
2 Kirkham Charter C v Kingfisher C (9-9)
3 Albany C v Sacred Heart (13-5)
4 Hesketh B v Ribby Hall A (6-12)
5 Poulton Le Fylde C v Mythop C (6-12)
6 Mythop B v BAe Systems C (14-4)
7 Kirkham Charter B v Ribby Hall B (9-9)
8 Poulton Le Fylde D v Hesketh C (7-11)

2nd Round  (To Be Played W/C 18th March or 25th March)
A Mythop B v Kingfisher C (9-9) Mythop win by 3 pts
B Lidunians C v Ribby Hall A (8-10)
C Ribby Hall B v Hesketh C (12-6)
D Albany C v Mythop C (14-4)

Semi Finals (To Be Played 9th April or 10th April @ Over Wyre Sports Centre)
Tues 9th Ribby Hall B v Albany C (11-7)
Weds 10th Ribby Hall A v Mythop B (10-8)

Final  Wednesday 17th April @ Over Wyre Sports Centre

Ribby Hall B v Ribby Hall A 9-9 Ribby Hall B won by 40 pts..

Teams / Handicaps

Club TeamHandicap
Albany C-6
BAE Systems C-2
Commonwealth B-4
Hesketh Bscr 1h
Hesketh C+2
Kingfisher C+3
Kirkham Charter A-5 1h
Kirkham Charter B-2
Kirkham Charter C+2
Kirkham Charter D+7
Lidunians Cscr 1h
Mythop B-4
Mythop C+4
Poulton-le-Fylde B-8 1h
Poulton-le-Fylde Cscr
Poulton-le-Fylde Dscr +R1h
Ribby Hall A-6
Ribby Hall B+5
Sacred Heart A-6
Stanley A-2 1h
Stanley Bscr
Stanley C+3 +R1h

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